ILTACON 2018 Education session

The Age of the Customer Calls for Secure External Sharing - Extend & Collaborate

Ryan Bond, VP of Professional Services here at SeeUnity discusses how firms are bundling their chosen business applications ecosystem together with the ability to archive, sync, or publish content from one system to another. This concept helps maintain IG initiatives and provides for a more efficient, simplified workflow. Firms can work in their chosen best-in-class applications, collaborate with outside partners and clients, and be more productive. 

What You'll Learn

  • Why it is beneficial for firms to share content externally with third-party applications
  • Options for file sharing, the two most common
  • Use cases: how the most innovative firms have integrated their systems and how it has benefited them
  • Challenges associated with implementing third-party collaboration platforms

To access the full 2018 ILTACON Education Session, download the PDF. 

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