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Legal and Professional industry leaders are
Integrating Microsoft Teams, OneDrive,
& SharePoint with their DMS to streamline processes

Working Remotely?
Support Collaboration without Sacrificing Governance.

Enable Efficient Workflow with End-to-End Governance

With many of us working remotely, it’s challenging to maintain control over your content. We’re helping legal and professional organizations integrate their DMS with Microsoft Teams to streamline processes for their users and allow for secure collaboration without sacrificing governance.

“What truly differentiates SeeUnity’s solutions from other options out there is the ability to effectively govern and manage content that is created in a Team and synchronize or archive that content to a DMS like iManage or NetDocuments. The user experience is also highly configurable. Teams can conveniently be set up so that all related content for a specified file makes it back to that file in the DMS. All collaborators stay in sync and the file is updated with new content.”
Gene D’Aversa
Director of Project Management IT, Husch Blackwell

The reality is that most legal and professional IT ecosystems include many applications. Enable users to make the most of your Microsoft 365 Product Suite with end-to-end data governance.

Integrate Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint with your DMS. Empower Microsoft 365 users to collaborate simultaneously on applications while maintaining data security and governance.

Ongoing, Bi-directional Sync

Echo Content Synchronization

Echo for Teams

Work natively in Teams while synchronizing content back to your DMS with automatic admin sync, user sync, and archiving.​

Echo user sync

Support collaboration and empower users to seamlessly initiate content syncs without sacrificing information governance.

Echo for OneDrive

Leverage the power of OneDrive without sacrificing Information Governance. Content created and updates made automatically sync back to your DMS.

Real-time, Secure Access

Fusion Content Integration

Dynamically display DMS content relative to your specific Teams site.

Get Connected

We connect to many systems, including: iManage, NetDocuments, eDOCS, and more.

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