When a merger or acquisition takes place, organizations need to find ways to get up and running as one cohesive unit as quickly as possible. Each organization comes with their own ecosystem of document management systems and applications which reside on-premise, in a hybrid situation, or in the cloud.

Use Velocity to consolidate databases, clean-up unneeded files, and migrate data from one repository to another. Take advantage of Velocity's many features to handle your use cases and make the transition as smooth and precise as possible. Velocity is API-based, which provides you with the most flexibility for your complex project.

Migrate Data On-premise, Hybrid, or Cloud

Save Days of Scripting Efforts

Maintain Security

Improve Reconciliation with Detailed Reporting

Avoid Down Time & Schedule Rollout with Delta Syncs

Clean-up & Archive Content

Some of Our Migration Capabilities

On-premise to Cloud Uplifts

Cloud to Cloud

File Sharing/Collaboration Systems to Cloud

Cloud Database Consolidation

On-premise Legacy to More Efficient On-premise System

Cloud Back-ups

Onboarding Lateral Attorney Files

Large File Exports

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