Many firms now have lateral integration programs in place to make sure that new lateral hires hit the ground running and get up to speed as quickly as possible to contribute to that firm's success.

One critical piece of this process entails the onboarding of attorneys' files and matters into the proper places within the new system. Using Velocity, especially for large size or large amounts of files, helps speed up this process and free up your RM staff for other projects. Matters, documents, and files can be mapped over to your new system and securely imported to their proper places. Save days of your team's labor by automating the onboarding process.

Get Attorneys Worker Quicker

Save Time & Effort Importing and Filing Docs

Maintain Security

Improve Compliance

Reduce Costs, Increase ROI

Increase Efficiencies

Some of Our Migration Capabilities

On-premise to Cloud Uplifts

Cloud to Cloud

File Sharing/Collaboration Systems to Cloud

Cloud Database Consolidation

On-premise Legacy to More Efficient On-premise System

Cloud Back-ups

Onboarding Lateral Attorney Files

Large File Exports

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