Streamlining your organization's workflow by adopting faster, simpler, and more affordable processes is crucial to making the company more efficient and profitable.

Use our Fusion product to make your life easier with quick content access and a federated search across all of your vital business apps from one UI. This means your users can work in the app of their choice and work natively with their other important documents, significantly simplifying their workflow and reducing data replication.

Echo Sync helps automate tedious processes, saving time and syncing content back to your DMS. Stay in control of your data and support collaboration with automated or user initiated synchronization of content (publish from your DMS to a collaboration platform, sync bi-directionally, or archive back to your DMS).

Echo Automate, a no-code Echo product add-on, eliminates manual processes and frees up IT hours for other mission critical projects. IT administrators will benefit from the ability to create reusable templates that define content and metadata synchronization rules to run between systems, such as iManage workspaces and corresponding Microsoft Teams sites.

All products are highly configurable to meet your use case needs.

Reduce Storage Costs

Enhance Productivity & Collaboration

Simplify & Automate Processes

Improve Compliance & Information Governance

Find Content Quicker Across Repositories

Increase Efficiencies & Avoid Data Replication

Some of Our Integration Capabilities

Securely Integrate Best-in-Breed Applications

Automate Tedious and Time Consuming Processes

Integrate Siloed Repositories

Enable Secure Collaboration Across the Organization

Provide Secure Collaboration with External Clients, Partners, Experts

Ensure Consistent RM & IG

Reduce Cloud Storage Costs

Federated Search Across Repositories

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