Documentum Users Rejoice!

OpenText plans to innovate and support Documentum

This past Friday, April 28, OpenText held a webinar for those interested in the Documentum roadmap. I think it is safe to say, that all of us were quite interested to see what was to come of Documentum. We had written previously about two different ways this could go. OpenText could either roll back support for Documentum, leaving its customers to move over to OpenText platforms, or they could be sure to protect Documentum users’ investment and innovate the technology.

With the 90-day mark of the official acquisition of EMC Documentum passing, and more questions being asked about the fate of Documentum, it was time for OpenText to formerly address what is to come of their recent addition.

Drum roll, please…

As expected, OpenText is fully committed to the success and innovation of Documentum. Their roadmap includes innovating the technology, integrating it with the analytics and cloud resources that OpenText also owns, and supporting Documentum’s customer base. This is certainly good news for the customers and clients of Documentum, as their investments are being protected and improved. OpenText’s position in the marketplace will certainly help nourish the Documentum platform.

ECM marketplace

Both OpenText Content Suite and Documentum were recently named leaders in Forrester’s report of Enterprise Content Management for Transactional and Business Content Services. OpenText attributed its success in the Forrester report to the acquisition of Documentum and its related products, like LEAP. They feel that these things have positively affected their position in the ECM marketplace.

Where we stand

SeeUnity will continue to support and extend/enhance our Documentum solutions. We are fortunate enough to have a partnership with OpenText that will allow us to ensure our customers and clients can get the help they need. We are excited for OpenText and the Documentum platform.

For more information on how we connect with Documentum, visit here.

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Posted on: May 5, 2017