Documentum Integrations & More

EMC’s Documentum systems for managing documents help companies keep control of their enterprise content by providing a robust platform that enables governance and compliance. However, seldom do companies only use Documentum; there are typically other systems in place such as other ECM systems, SharePoint, Dynamics, Salesforce, Box, or other web-based systems. SeeUnity helps bring all of your enterprise content together and allows you to:

  • Sync, archive, and publish Documentum content to and from external systems and repositories
  • Migrate your enterprise content to or from Documentum
  • Integrate with established competing ECMs
  • View and access Documentum content directly in your workflow from within SharePoint, Dynamics, or Salesforce

Directly interact with your Documentum content from the application of your choice.

Fusion Content Integration

Synchronize your content between Documentum and external repositories and systems.

Echo Content Synchronization

Consolidate your ECM ecosystem to or from Documentum.

Velocity Content Migration

How are people using it?

Archive externally uploaded content

Use Echo Content Synchronization to archive all documents uploaded to external systems and repositories to Documentum in order to maintain compliance and keep all content in Documentum.

Content in context

Prepopulate relevant content to SharePoint sites for easy access and actioning of content stored in Documentum.

Synchronize your migration

Want to move to Documentum, but not ready to remove access to external systems? Use our synchronized migration to migrate your content to Documentum, while maintaining the latest document version in all locations.

We support all major ECM systems, file shares, and CRM systems!

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