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Wilkes Artis Sharpens Their Competitive Edge by Moving to the iManage Cloud

SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration Product Provides Data Verification and Clean-Up for Optimal iManage Cloud Experience – With efficiency and scalability in mind, Wilkes Artis made the decision to transition from their on-premise iManage DMS to the iManage Cloud. The move would allow attorneys to work smarter for their clients with increased security and accessibility while reducing their IT workload. This solution would support future growth and improvements, helping them maintain their competitive edge as the leader in real estate tax and condemnation litigation. 

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

Utilizing SeeUnity’s Velocity product to validate, test, and remediate issues prior to cutover greatly minimized the time and effort to go-live. The process allowed for an efficient and timely cutover where the iManage Cloud environment was prepared and ready to be up and live with no downtime. This approach also lessened the impact to users productivity and encouraged adoption of the new system.

“The Velocity tool presented an opportunity to uplift the Wilkes Artis’s data from on-premise to the iManage cloud with the benefit of having a ‘fresh’ database starting point. No bloat – data clean-up with minimal user impact.”
   – Sue Keno | Managing Director, Keno Kozie Associates

For more about how SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration enabled Wilkes Artis to securely migrate to the iManage Cloud, download the full case study PDF.

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