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NAL Resources Modernizes Capabilities with Move to OpenText

SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration Product Handles Complex Migration

Nicole Haddow, Team Lead, Document Management Services for NAL Resources, set out to digitize and automate system processes at NAL in order to streamline workflows and create a more nimble organization. Part of this modernization process entailed addressing NAL’s current document management system, as it was lacking functionality and required too much administration and overhead. Nicole turned to Concerta Consulting, a trusted system integration partner, for a solution.

After assessing the organization’s ECM needs and desired capabilities, the decision was made to shift to OpenText eDOCS. In order to handle the large volume of content and complexity of this type of data migration, Troy Olson, Senior Systems Integration Consultant at Concerta, recommended leveraging SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration product (Velocity).

We were looking at migrating nearly five million documents from eight different collections of content, with a hard stop deadline of December 31, 2019. It was quite the undertaking and we knew it would require a tool capable of expediting the process and assisting us with the reconciliation.” – Troy Olson, Senior Systems Integration Consultant, Concerta

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

Utilizing Velocity to migrate NAL’s SharePoint contents to eDOCS:

•  Concerta successfully tackled the complex 5 million document migration by taking advantage of Velocity’s many robust features, including migration templates, data validation, metadata mapping, detailed reporting, and error reprocessing capabilities

•  Using Velocity eliminated extra steps and made the whole project 10 times more efficient. The project was completed by the Dec. 31st deadline

•  Velocity’s performance settings are adjustable to accommodate each migration’s specific variables

•  Velocity’s detailed error reporting and error reprocessing features  aided in a thorough reconciliation process

“I can say with confidence that everything from SharePoint has been migrated successfully. This is the most seamless content migration I’ve ever experienced and it has a lot to do with the tool,” noted Nicole Haddow, Team Lead, Document Management Services, NAL Resources.

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