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Husch Blackwell Automates Large-volume Data Transfer Process Significantly Impacting ROI

HuschblackwellSeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration Product Cuts Delivery Time by 75% – It became apparent the group needed to find a way to automate their processes when Husch Blackwell received a sizable data migration request from a client working through a divestiture. They allocated a team of five people working full time for a month to export data for 1,000 matters. The client then requested 3,000 more matters to be moved within a tight deadline for completion. The project would require significant resources over an extended period of time. Realizing the deadline was impossible to meet, the team sought to streamline the process of exporting, as well as importing, large sets of data for this request and others going forward. They chose the Velocity Content Migration tool (Velocity) for its robust features and flexibility. 

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

After the five-person team tackled the first 1,000 matters, Velocity was brought in for the remaining 2,000 matters, which took two weeks to finish. Part of the two weeks included time to build out Velocity’s reusable migration templates. Gene estimates the completion time for future projects of this size will be in the neighborhood of only days. 

“The ROI impact of automating this process is significant. Using Velocity enables us to turn these requests around in less than one-fourth of the time without overwhelming our team.”
   – Gene D’Aversa | Director of Knowledge Management, IT Information Technology Dept., 
   Husch Blackwell

Download the PDF to read more about how Husch Blackwell used Velocity to automate their large-volume data transfer process.

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