What Happened to OpenText Content Server?

In years past, OpenText has put an emphasis on Content Server as their premier content management system. In 2015, at Enterprise World in Las Vegas, customers and partners were presented with lots of branding for Content Server and revamped user interfaces and new features. However, in 2016, we can’t find where Content Server stands out on its own. So we ask, “What happened to Content Server?”

Well, nothing, really. OpenText has just slightly changed how it refers to Content Server. Instead of discussing it as a standalone platform, Content Server is now a component of the OpenText Content Suite Platform. This new platform combines OpenText components such as Content Server, Enterprise Content, Enterprise Scan, and Tempo Box. While Content Server no longer stands on its own as the premier content management system through OpenText, it is the core for the Content Suite Platform.

So while nothing really happened to Content Sever, it is nice to know that it is now the cornerstone to OpenText’s Content Suite, and it didn’t disappear into the abyss. So for any of you confused by the lack of “Content Sever” branding at this year’s Enterprise World, do not fear! Content Server is alive and well, and is basically the heartbeat and backbone of the new OpenText Content Suite Platform.

Posted on: July 11, 2016