SeeUnity Product Updates

Here at SeeUnity, we are always working our hardest to innovate our technology. We also try to stay ahead of the curve and make updates to our products that anticipate the future of technology. A couple weeks ago, we held a product update webinar for our customers and partners to show them where our main products are headed in the near future. If you didn’t make it to the webinar, here is what you missed:

Fusion Content Integration:

We are making the usability of Fusion much easier by adding the option to create custom search and metadata forms. We have also improved the drag-and-drop functionality of the product. In addition to those changes, we have added support for the Salesforce Lightning interface through the displaying of ECM buttons or sections on pages.

Echo Content Synchronization:

We have added full support for Salesforce Files to Echo, allowing the support for archiving Salesforce Files. In addition to that, we have also added two connectors to our sync solution: OneDrive and GoogleDrive. We have improved our solution to better connect with iManage with workspace search when setting up new rules. We are also excited to announce we have improved eDOCS extensions with Echo as well.

Velocity Content Migration:

We are certain that you have already heard about this one, but we have a new version of Velocity, called Velocity + that has many changes. Some noteworthy changes are the new and improved UI, run types, and reporting. For more specific detail on the changes, please read our earlier posting specifically about Velocity +.


We are always working to improve our connector relationships and increase capabilities with all of our connectors. Currently, we are working on improved NetDocuments searching within our products, as well as improving our NetDocuments writer within our Velocity Content Migration solution.

SeeUntiy Roadmap:

Moving forward, we have a lot of exciting things in store. Our Fusion Content Integration is going to add support for drag-and-drop moving and copying of documents across SharePoint, as well as an updated configuration GUI. Echo Content Synchronization is going to add Salesforce and Dynamics links to record objects. You can also expect to see additional support for HighQ functionalities like notifications. We are also working to have bi-directional permissions and metadata synchronization for Salesforce and Dynamics. We are going to continue to add additional connectors to our Velocity product, as well as adding support for file compression and transfer for a much faster migration. Some new connectors to look out for in the next year are DocsCorp, Jackrabbit, and Dynamics NAV. We are also working on new partner integrations with Active Navigation, Anaqua, HighQ, and Wolters Kluwer.

This is just a brief overview of our webinar. If you’d like more information or a demo of SeeUnity products, please feel free to inquire above or contact

Posted on: July 13, 2017