OpenText eDOCS DM 16

In March, OpenText got us excited about eDOCS DM 16, and now it is time to talk about it again! DM 16 is expected to make a full release in the near future, and we wanted to talk a bit about the changes you should expect to see. Since there are six main changes or additions they have made, we are going to split them into two different posts over the next week. This first post will talk about three collaborative components of DM 16.

Shared workspaces

Shared workspaces are eDOCS’ version of a collaboration tool. In workspaces, users can organize and prioritize the things they are working on. With shared workspaces, users can easily add collaborators, determine how much access to shared documents they have, and take collaborators off when they are finished sharing that content. In the new shared workspaces of eDOCS DM 16, users can share more than just files and documents. eDOCS added the ability to share URLs to web pages users want to reference for a particular matter. This makes workspaces less like a container for documents and more like an organizer for the user.

Collaboration Through Core

Core is an online document storage solution, and with eDOCS DM 16, users can check out/in documents to Core where they can be accessed from anywhere (be it a mobile device, or a laptop while someone is traveling.) Users can check the documents out into specific directories within Core so documents are easily located. Core also allows users to collaborate with other Core users or external users. eDOCS DM 16 Core also utilizes social features like commenting and tagging so documents are easily searchable.

Consumer Webtop

Consumer webtop is the new UI that everyone has been raving about since March. What is special about this new UI is that it is more adaptive than previous eDOCS versions. The new UI will adapt to whatever device you are using, be it iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Kindle… you name it, it adapts to it. The basic new addition to webtop is HTML 5. Another improvement is there is no additional setup required to make webtop run on any of these systems. Users get the full capabilities of eDOCS within whatever device they are using. This change gives eDOCS a more personal user experience.

These changes will make eDOCS more flexible, powerful, and efficient according to OpenText. With these changes and improvements, eDOCS becomes more user-friendly and users can better organize the work they are doing. It allows users who are on the go to easily access content and collaborate internally as well as externally. If you’re looking for a better UI, eDOCS DM 16 delivers.

Posted on: October 7, 2016