Enterprise World Wrap-Up

Every year, we look forward to attending OpenText Enterprise World. As an OpenText partner, we always enjoy hearing about their plans and roadmaps for their future. Without much further adieux, let’s dive into what we have learned.

OpenText’s rebrand

First of all, we noticed right off the bat that OpenText used the event to launch their re-brand. Their logo is clean, simple, lowercase text giving the OpenText name a more modern look. They also changed their slogan to “The information company.” Considering OpenText products are more than just ECM and are really about the managing of all information across an organization, the slogan is fitting.


Then there is Magellan. Everyone has spent the past few days really digging into OpenText’s new AI platform. Our understanding of it is that it was built to help organizations analyze and consume both structured and unstructured data. OpenText describes Magellan as “a flexible, pre-wired AI-powered analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade Business Intelligence, and capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data and Big Content stored in your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems.”

Some key highlights to the newest AI platform out there are:

  • Magellan will help you automate and optimize all of your business operations
  • At a very basic level, it is an AI powered analytics platform
  • It will allow you to make business decisions through the analysis of a larger scale of data
  • Magellan will help you understand the data that you have stored in you other OpenText solutions
  • It will allow for the use of custom analytic and predictive algorithms
  • Magellan can read both structured and unstructured data to give you the best analysis of data
  • The user interface is friendly enough for users to refine results and use custom algorithms without a data scientist’s help
  • It is visually appealing and puts AI within reach for a wide range of users

For more information, check out OpenText’s web page about Magellan!

OpenText People Center

OpenText added People Center to their EIM portfolio to support a data driven approach to Human Resources. This new application basically takes the middleman, and unnecessary work out of the process of HR. For example, maybe an employee just got married and doesn’t know what forms they have to change, or maybe they have a benefits question. People Center is going to be the main repository for any documentation about these things so employees can easily access any forms they need to change in these cases. OpenText People center is built to put that information at the fingertips of the employees. It will also allow HR teams to easily access visibility into key analytics, allowing for better decision making processes down the line.

Well, that is a basic wrap up of the big announcements from Enterprise World. We are very happy to see our partner innovating and creating groundbreaking technology for the future. We enjoyed our time there, and look forward to another exciting event next year! Check out OpenText’s website for more!

Posted on: July 18, 2017