12 Days of ECM

Day 1: Metadata

On the first day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, metadata for my documents!

Metadata is the heart and soul of ECM. By its definition, it is data that describes other data. It makes the search-ability of documents possible. Metadata gives users the ability to quickly find what they need by describing other data. It also helps map documents in a content migration or synchronization. Without metadata, it would be nearly impossible to track documents, their changes, and deal with versions. ECM needs metadata, like peanut butter needs jelly.

At SeeUnity, we use metadata to make integration, synchronization, migration, and mobilization of ECM, CRM, and ERP solutions possible.

Day 2: Collaboration

On the second day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, collaboration with my clients!

In this digital world, online collaboration with clients and co-workers is a must. In the example of a law firm, IT support of online collaboration with clients will help uphold information governance, and will keep clients and lawyers happy. Most organizations can’t get a whole lot of work done if they can’t collaborate with external collaboration tools like HighQ or SharePoint extranets.

We connect with Box, HighQ, and SharePoint to enable users to collaborate, save time, and improve document compliance and governance. We can integrate and synchronize your ECM content with these connectors for easy file sharing with clients!

Posted on: December 1, 2016