Why Your IG Plan is Failing

Every organization needs an Information Governance (IG) plan, but you know what they say about roads paved with best intentions. There are a variety of reasons why your plan isn’t working out for your company or your employees. Let’s explore some of the top reasons why your IG plan is failing.

It requires too much user interaction.

If your IG plan relies heavily on your employees to use the right systems, archive the right documents, and keep everything in order, you are destined to fail. While many at your company will diligently try to uphold your IG standards, many others will find it cumbersome, or only follow the guidelines when it is convenient. This leaves your company only partially in compliance with your plan. The problem is that without full compliance your IG plan is pointless. Once you have figured out how you want your IG plan to be handled, automation is key. Find ways to remove the burden from your employees and let technology do the work for you behind the scenes.

It doesn’t account for all methods of storage.

In a perfect world, your employees will only use the systems you tell them to. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case; pretending like it won’t happen leaves your IG plan vulnerable to fail. To truly understand your IG needs, you need to start with all official and unofficial systems in use. Conduct anonymous surveys of used technologies to ensure accurate results.

It doesn’t have proper internal support.

You can make the best IG plan in the world and it can still fail without proper support. Change is difficult and seen as a nuisance. If this attitude is present in your company, your IG plan will fail before it starts. The best way to curb change resistance is to gather the proper internal support. Internal support is gained by involving all major stakeholders in initial discussions of your IG plan as well as engaging them on how to implement your IG plan. Properly gathering internal support for your IG plan will help it succeed.

While there is no magic way to make your IG plan succeed every time, there are a few tricks to making sure it isn’t doomed to fail. Take the leap and implement an IG plan today!


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Posted on: February 18, 2015