The Cupid of ECM

Imagine a world where there was a cute little flying Cupid for ECM systems. His job would be to shoot arrows into ECM systems to connect them together forever. He could also connect CRM, ERP, and collaboration systems to ECMs. Oh, that’s right! That does exist! SeeUnity’s Core Integration Services (CIS) does all of those things. While it is not a little flying angel with a bow and arrow pairing ECM systems together, it is just as powerful and makes lifelong relationships between systems!

SeeUnity’s Core Integration Services is the heart and soul behind each of SeeUnity’s solution. Just as Cupid builds the framework for falling in love, CIS provides the framework that can marry ECM, CRM, and collaboration systems together.  When Cupid is doing his job and making people fall in love, it only takes one shot of the arrow to accomplish that task. Similarly, CIS needs just one install to access the over 15 connectors to our different software solutions. Once these solutions and systems are connected, it is truly a match made in heaven! Our use of native APIs helps us get the most seamless integrations, synchronizations, and migrations that you could ask for!

Cupid and CIS have one job, and that is to bring things together. This Valentine’s Day, we are reminded of the powerful and almost magical capabilities of our Core Integration Services. Integrating your business systems, like falling in love, is hard. Thank goodness for Cupid and CIS to make things less complicated!

Cupid CIS


Posted on: February 15, 2017