The Best of 2020: How SeeUnity Continued to Support Customers & Partners in a Rapidly Changing World

As we enter a new year and look back on 2020, it’s safe to say that we all faced unexpected changes and challenges. 2020 ushered in a new era of remote work, as organizations across industries were forced to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis. ECM industry priorities shifted from providing growth-focused digital transformation solutions to simplifying and automating Information Governance and secure collaboration solutions for the remote workforce.

Despite the twists and turns of the last year, SeeUnity’s solutions evolved to help customers and partners streamline workflows and improve business processes with enhanced integration and migration solutions. Here are some of our most notable blogs and customer success stories from 2020, along with predictions of what is to come in 2021:

How Organizations Are Moving Toward Digital Transformation

A recent Deloitte study with 1,200 senior executives across six industries found that organizations can achieve higher levels of digital maturity by strategically using “digital pivots.” To learn how SeeUnity’s integration and migration solutions help organizations form flexible, secure infrastructures, develop intelligent workflows, and more, read the blog.

Why Your Legacy System Needs an Upgrade

In today’s market, organizations must evolve with digital innovations to gain a competitive edge. As more organizations across each industry trade in their legacy systems for modern cloud technology, it’s becoming clear that cloud migrations create more efficient business processes. In this blog, we explore how a migration to the cloud promotes growth and innovation, time and cost efficiency, upgraded security, and scalability.

Addressing Your Organization’s Big Data Concerns

Due to the rise of big data, organizations have accumulated surpluses of structured and unstructured data that negatively impacts a business’s ability to function efficiently. To address these issues, organizations are implementing strategies that include application integration and synchronization, and content migration to cloud-based repositories, resulting in a wide range of long-term benefits. Read more to learn how SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration solution is helping organizations tackle big data challenges.

How SeeUnity Can Help Optimize Your Remote Collaboration Experience

With many of us now working remotely, it can be difficult to keep team members on the same page, leading to data silos, overall confusion, and a loss of control over data governance. These challenges present the opportunity to adapt by streamlining collaboration and ensuring proper compliance. SeeUnity is helping organizations maintain data control and simplify Information Governance with Solutions for Microsoft 365 and Teams. To learn how our Fusion Content Integration and Echo Content Synchronization products enable Teams users to seamlessly integrate applications and securely synchronize content, read the blog.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Free Up IT Resources

In an effort to help our customers and partners further optimize business processes and reduce costs through automation, SeeUnity released Echo Automate. Echo Automate is an Echo Content Synchronization product add-on designed to free up IT hours and automate the time-consuming process of creating, maintaining, and executing large volumes of meta-rules, including synchronization rules, between systems. To learn more about how Echo Automate can help your organization streamline processes, improve service delivery, and reduce or contain costs, read the write-up by SeeUnity’s CTO, Dan Hunsinger.

Just a Few of Our Many 2020 Success Stories

Throughout the past year, our customers and partners successfully implemented our integration and migration solutions to achieve their business optimization goals. Read their stories below:

• SeeUnity and DocsCorp partnered to deliver a joint integration solution for McCann FitzGerald
• Husch Blackwell used Velocity to automate their large-volume data transfer process & significantly boost ROI
• Lanyon Bowdler modernized to increase efficiency with a Velocity-fueled move to the iManage Cloud
• NAL Resources simplified a complex migration to OpenText with Velocity

2021 Predictions

The changes brought on by 2020 will fuel ECM industry innovations in the coming years, as SeeUnity’s solutions will evolve to meet the needs of our customers and partners. In a recent interview with our technology partner, NetDocuments, SeeUnity’s CEO Dan Anderson discussed his predictions for 2021.

“The impact of 2020’s COVID-19 crisis brought on the abrupt and rapid adoption of remote-working situations. This, along with quickly evolving global privacy laws and content compliance requirements will significantly shape 2021 strategies. Firms and organizations are rethinking the way they work, driving the need for continued technology innovations centered around cloud-based collaborative solutions and a solid data governance strategy.” – Dan Anderson, CEO, SeeUnity

Read the full article People, Processes, Technology, and the Workplace: What’s to Come in 2020 here.

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