SeeUnity: I Choose You!

This is a guest blog written by our Marketing Intern, Natalie Rogers.



Wednesday, during yet another server crash of PokemonGo, I was sitting at the mall with my brother and I began to think about how often I am asked about Pokemon at SeeUnity.  So I decided that maybe I could put SeeUnity in the Pokemon universe to help them understand why Pokemon and PokemonGo is such a big deal to 90s kids like me. So here is SeeUnity in the Pokemon Universe.


To begin, I will start with our Core Integration Services or CIS, which is obviously Ash Ketchum, the main character of the series. CIS is the backbone and powerhouse of all of our software modules just like Ash is the backbone of the Pokemon story so many of us followed all those years ago. Ash is all about becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world, and he sets out to catch and train ALL of the Pokemon. We are constantly expanding our data connector list (just as Ash is expanding his Pokedex) so we can support the widest range of business applications for our customers. Ash’s character quickly develops to become the leader of the pack and treats his Pokemon, or any Pokemon he interacts with, as friends. He also selflessly offers help to people and Pokemon when they are in trouble. Our CIS helps all of the different data connectors play nicely together enabling integration, synchronization, and migration between business applications. Last, but not least, Ash earns the respect of the Pokemon he catches and trains. CIS can use native data connectors and APIs, where applicable, so that our modules can communicate with other applications. CIS also speaks the language of the data connectors as a show of respect for their products.

Rapidash2Next, I will explain Migration as Rapidash, a horse like Pokemon. Rapidash is an extremely agile Pokemon and will race anything that moves. Similar to our Velocity Migration product that can be configured in a number of ways between systems, Rapidash is quick. They say Rapidash reaches full speed after just ten steps. Threading of migration functions with Velocity ensures that a full-speed migration is achieved. Rapidash lives in grasslands, but may also be seen living in the mountains. Velocity Migration is also known for being versatile in many different environments to handle simple or complex migration requirements.

dittoOur Fusion Content Integration product could be described perfectly as Ditto- a transformative Pokemon. Ditto, who is usually a small pink blob, can transform into an exact replica of any object- aside from the fact that it cannot change its face. Fusion is like Ditto in that it can be inserted into any front end user interface, like SharePoint, SalesForce, or Microsoft Dynamics, without disrupting its look. So it can basically transform like Ditto. Another key component of Fusion is that our web apps adapt based on the external repository that is being used and we can dynamically build the features of the repositories within a new interface. When Ditto transforms into other Pokemon, he also inherits their attacks and abilities. Ditto is also never far from civilization or people, and Fusion is never far from people because it is the component that people interact with. It is the front end interface that the users work with to streamline the way they work within their application of choice.

Professor OakFor our Echo Synchronization product, I didn’t choose a Pokemon, but I did choose another character from the series: Professor Oak. His job and key role in the Pokemon universe is a concentration on Pokemon and human relationships. Echo is built to really understand the relationships between the documents and metadata of different systems. Oak also updates the Pokedexs with information on newly discovered Pokemon. Similarly, Echo constantly tracks documents and updates them keeping them synchronized and publishing out latest versions of documents to the main repository. Oak’s role also makes it possible for the Pokemon trainers to archive what Pokemon they have seen and caught during their journey. Echo archives documents into the central repository for our customers. Echo also has an easy administrative interface where you can view all system and user rules. This is similar to how Ash calls on Professor Oak if he ever has any issues in a Face-Time-like manner.

MewAnd last, but not least, I will describe our Vortex Mobility as Mew- a small cat-like Pokemon. You Pokemon geeks out there are probably thinking, “why choose Mew when you can choose Mewtwo?” Well Mewtwo is part of the equation I guess, but Mew is a much better representation for the product, as it is not so intimidating. Vortex Mobility is capable for bringing two systems together and has duality. Mew is part of the Mew duo along with Mewtwo, and Mew is said to be the ancestor of all Pokemon. Vortex Mobility is a way for our customers to take things on the go and fly. Mew can fly, moving freely through the air (and water) as well as use teleportation to get from place to place. Another key component of our Mobility tool is security and integration with MDM providers. This cute little Pokemon knows what it means to be secure and will create a green, yellow, or pink orb around himself for protection and will only show himself to those who are pure of heart. Vortex Mobilty can also be customizable like Fusion Content Integration. Since Mew carries the DNA of all Pokemon, he can also transform into other Pokemon, like Ditto can, and adapt to learn any other Pokemon’s attacks.

For those of you who didn’t understand all the hype around Pokemon before, I hope you do now. Or if you didn’t understand what SeeUnity did, you definitely do now!

Some may say I have a little too much time on my hands, and maybe I am slightly obsessed with PokemonGo, but I applaud the creativity and ideas behind what has become a global sensation. I am glad I have been given the opportunity to mix software and Pokemon to explain what SeeUnity does! And while I can’t get any Pokemon to show up at the office, I was able to bring something Pokemon related to them with this blog! #TeamInstinct

To learn more about SeeUnity’s products and how they are used, please visit our website or email for more information.

Posted on: July 25, 2016