OpenText DM 16: Part 2

Last week we wrote a blog about eDOCS DM 16, and specifically about the new collaboration features that are to come with it! This week we are listing the last three additions or improvements to DM 16. eDOCS DM 16 is expected to make a full release in the near future, and we wanted to talk a bit about the changes you should expect to see.

Security Enhancements

In eDOCS DM 16, document security is easier than ever. All you have to do is right click, select set security, and boom, you’re basically done. This will take you to the securities menu and users are able to do security set up there. In previous versions of eDOCS, there were several steps/clicks users had to make to get to the same menu. DM 16 simplifies this action to make for a more user-friendly interface. Removing security on documents is also a one-step process, saving time for those who are using it. Also in eDOCS DM 16, you can grant users the ability to add or edit any metadata that is specified, and they can perform these actions within a lookup list.

Sync and Save

Sync and Save is an easy way to get documents that are on your machine (workstations) to the eDOCS repository. This is very similar to saving things to SharePoint. The nice thing about this is if you like the way your folder hierarchy is on your machine, all you have to do is select sync and save on the top level folder and everything below that will transfer over to eDOCS the way you had it on your machine! Sync will maintain that folder structure in either direction. (We call that bi-directional synchronization.)

Flex Folders

Flex folders allow you to subscribe to specific client matters more quickly. Previously, to subscribe to a client or matter, users would have to drill down from the dynamic views nodes and levels to navigate to the client or matter. Now users can subscribe to these matters from wherever they are within eDOCS. Pretty simple.

These changes will make eDOCS more flexible, powerful, and efficient according to OpenText. They have taken out a lot of the “in-between” steps and made certain actions easier to access. All of the additions and improvements, mentioned this week and last, make the eDOCS user interface more user and organization friendly.

Posted on: October 11, 2016