Customer Success story

Major Government Financial Agency Migrates to SharePoint

An undisclosed major government financial agency migrates to SharePoint with SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration solution. For this agency, eDOCS had played a sustainable role for high-value content. However, the agency was directed to transition to a privately hosted SharePoint environment. They knew migrations are no small task, so they submitted a request for proposal.

SeeUnity responded with a proposal that combined its migration software with services. Citing their depth of expertise, SeeUnity was selected to perform the migration. Prior to the migration, SeeUnity performed a solutions assessment to help them better understand the goals of the migration.

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration facilitated the disposal of nearly 30,000 objects. It improved performance and user experience across the organization. The solutions assessment and testing provided input that improved SharePoint customizations, allowing for better integration between content owners and content consumers. In the end, it reduced cost and complexity of the project.

Read more on how SeeUnity migrated this major government financial agency from eDOCS to SharePoint with Velocity Content Migration.

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