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International Monetary Fund Takes Content Mobile

International Monetary Fund takes content mobile with SeeUnity’s Vortex Content Mobility Solution. Recognizing the benefits of tablets in the workplace, the IMF’s CIO instituted a standard around Apple’s iPad. Initially, synchronized email, contacts, and calendars brought immediate benefits. However, users sought ways to share more data, including data from their eDOCS and SharePoint repositories. 

Without direct mobile access to this content, there was a potential risk of users duplicating content, attaching them in unsecured emails, or using third party storage. These activities could be detrimental to IG plans. SeeUnity’s Vortex Content Mobility allowed IMF’s users to securely access eDOCS and SharePoint documents and content through an app on their Apple devices.

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

SeeUnity’s Vortex Content Mobility empowers users to access SharePoint and eDOCS with their iPads. It allows for check-in and check-out of documents for offline editing. The app is secure with encryption, authentication, and service-side security functions.

“SeeUnity is exceeding our expectations. We’ve delighted our users without compromising data integrity.”
   – Herve Tourpe | Advanced Technology Team Leader, IMF

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