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Fox Entertainment Group Establishes Collaboration Between Sales and Legal Teams by Utilizing SeeUnity's Fusion Content Integration Product

Salesforce and eDOCS Integration Streamlines Deal Approval Process – Fox Entertainment Group (Fox) is comprised of many corporate divisions and subsidiaries, all with their own unique document management challenges. Fox utilizes an OpenText eDOCS repository (eDOCS) that serves 700 users, houses over 6 million documents within 7 libraries, and supports over 14 application integrations. 

The Fox Television Distribution division (TVD) and legal teams wanted to create a centralized, cloud-based system that would allow for detailed visibility into the sales pipeline, establish collaboration between the sales and legal teams, and streamline the deal approval process.

The TVD IT group chose Salesforce as their CRM platform. To fully take advantage of this new system, a key requirement was the ability to access the underlying contracts and amendments for all of the customers and accounts. The legal group that negotiated the TVD agreements housed the working agreements in eDOCS, but the fully executed documents were paper copies. 

SeeUnity Solution Benefits

SeeUnity’s Fusion Content Integration Solution enabled collaboration between Fox’s teams by connecting their Salesforce CRM platform and eDOCS repository.

“We’re breaking down silos. Giving an executive or a lawyer the ability to quickly research and find information that sets precedents on a very critical decision makes all the difference.”
   – Michael Burch | Executive Director, Secure Document Management Services, Fox Entertainment Group

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