Dan’s Dev Corner July 2016

  • NetDocuments – At the end of last month we completed building our NetDocuments base solution. It officially now supports Fusion Content Integration and Search for SharePoint. If you’d like to check out our solutions on the NetDocuments marketplace click here.
  • Improvements to SharePoint legal matter-centric use cases – In July we have been focusing on making our solutions for customers who are concerned with streamlining matter sites in SharePoint. All of our improvements have been aimed at ensuring the right and most relevant content is available in a way that minimizes effort and saves employees time. These improvements include:
    • A new context-aware search bar panel that lets users quickly access matter-related content stored in a variety of external ECM systems. The context (i.e. matter ID) can be derived from SharePoint site properties, web\app part parameters, URL parameters, or a customized layout page.
    • Users can find matter-related documents from individual ECM libraries, SharePoint, or a federated combination of them all.
    • Full text searching is supported to find documents based on their content. The result set is automatically filtered to only find matter-related documents.
    • Documents from any of the supported ECM systems can be dragged and dropped (single or multiple) into a SharePoint location to create links (DRF, NRL, http, etc.).
    • Links can be synced when changes occur to the underlying content or metadata. This is typically used to trigger SharePoint alerts when any document relevant to the matter changes.
    • The explorer panel has been enhanced to filter exactly what ECM hierarchies to display. For the SharePoint hierarchy, it can be configured to show only the document libraries on the site where the web\app part is deployed. The tree can be configured to automatically open to a specific location.
  • SharePoint matter site displaying external repository content.

Posted on: July 21, 2016