Dan’s Dev Corner – January ’17

Recently, I wrote about the concept of a Windows hybrid app as it was applied to an iManage Desksite/FileSite extension.  It allowed iManage users to initiate and monitor synchronized documents from their familiar document management desktop application.

To recap, the fundamental idea of a hybrid app is to hook into the native Windows environment and applications even though 99% of the functionality is web based.  This model makes it relatively easy to extend to other native Windows applications.  Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve done the same thing for eDOCS by extending the eDOCS extensions.

While working with eDOCS extensions, if you select one or more documents that you’d like to synchronize with another system, hit the “SeeUnity Synchronize” menu item in the familiar extensions “Document” menu, and follow the Echo wizard dialogs, you can instantly push documents and allow SeeUnity to automatically sync changes.  The supported repositories include SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Box, HighQ, and many others.

Posted on: January 26, 2017