5 Frustrations Evoked by Document Management

Document management: do you need it? Yes. Do you like it? Not very often.

While employees understand the need for document management they often experience a range of emotions when dealing with their systems. Document management policies and systems usually are not as simple as they appear or intend to be. Often multiple systems are implemented both by the organization and employees. As a matter of fact, AIIM reports that 30% of users have resorted to using unofficial file-sharing tools. As the system becomes more complex, a host of issues arises including incorrect document versions, documents located outside of normal systems, and increased difficulty of finding the right document.

As complexity and issues arise here are 5 of the frustrations that you likely experience.

Document Dementia

I need to find a document. That should be easy, right?

When you have more than one document system that’s not always the case. You think you saved it in X, but what if someone else saved it in Y. Employees spend more time than they should trying to locate a document between the systems. CIO Insight reports that 73% of workers encounter issues in locating documents.

Version Despair

I will just polish off these changes and be done. Wait….this isn’t even the right version.

Having multiple systems and multiple locations for documents to be stored can also increase the number of different versions floating around. Nothing is more frustrating than putting in the work to update and fix a document only to find you weren’t working on the latest version. According to CIO Insight over 47% of workers have admitted to working on the wrong version of a document.

Information Governance Indifference

Was I supposed to save to X or Y or am I supposed to archive this document to another system…. I don’t have time for this!

Information governance plans are well-meaning but if it is put on the employee to enact the plan, human error, indifference, and confusion cost everyone time and money.

Version Anxiety

This document is the one they need…I think, I hope!

When sending a high priority document it’s important to be sure that it’s the right version, but with all of your past issues, what if it isn’t? With numerous variables such as multiple team members working on documents or multiple systems for document versions to be sorted, it isn’t easy to calm the anxiety.

Document Anger


There is nothing worse than not being able to get your job done due to the systems in place that are supposed to make it easier….well maybe realizing you just yelled at an inanimate object AND you still haven’t completed the task. CIO Insight reports that at least 33% of people admit to yelling at their computer when document management becomes frustrating.


Credit to CIO Insight and AIIM for great document management statistics.


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Posted on: February 18, 2015