12 Days of ECM Part 5

Day 9: Governance & Security

On the ninth day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, Governance and Security!

When you’re dealing with content that has sensitive information, you want to make sure it is secure. Many firms and organizations have set information governance plans to keep that unstructured data secure. However, problems arise when people internally don’t follow those initiatives. In the past, we have seen this be common amongst file sharing. Sometimes employees will use file shares outside of the ones approved by their IT departments to please their clients. Unfortunately, that is not a very secure way to do things. When you listen to the needs of your employees and clients you can develop a plan to provide support for the applications they are using to share files, and it will make things a lot easier. Our CTO, Dan Hunsinger, has a recently featured article in ILTA’s Potpourri that discusses these issues and how to overcome them.

With SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization, you can publish content out externally for a client in a secure way that will keep governance and security. If you are having other issues with synchronizations read our whitepaper, Navigating the Hurdles of Synchronization.

Day 10: User Experience

On the tenth day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, a wonderful user experience!

It really bums me out when I have to use a system for work that has a horrible user experience. It is expected that your business system has a user-friendly interface. Business systems are, in fact, where your employees spend most of their work days. In the case of ECM, it goes beyond that. For instance, do your employees need their ECM content surfaced into their CRM? Or do they need to easily synchronize content to an extranet for client review? Providing a better user experience will help with user adoption of new ECM systems.

With SeeUnity’s Fusion Content Integration, you can surface content from CRM to ECM or ECM to ECM, allowing for an easy user experience. SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization will empower your employees to share matters with clients easily. Your employees will appreciate it, and user adoption will skyrocket.

Posted on: December 15, 2016