The Rudolph of Enterprise Content Management

*This is a guest blog written by our Marketing Intern, Natalie Rogers.


The other day I was trying to explain to someone what SeeUnity does, and how they add value. I realized what we do is so personalized and niche that it is hard for the average person to really grasp the nature of what we do. So in the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season, I will explain what SeeUnity does by retelling the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Let’s begin by recapping the story of Rudolph. This reindeer was unique, and he had an ability that no other reindeer had – a bright red nose that glowed like a lightbulb. Despite how incredibly unique and special it was, he was made fun of and banned from playing with the other reindeer. Then there came a foggy Christmas Eve, and Santa went into crisis mode. (Why Santa never invested in a pair of fog lights for his sleigh is beyond me, but that’s beside the point.) What Santa needed was some way to see through the fog, so he asked Rudolph if he could use his bright red nose to guide his sleigh and the other reindeer through the foggy night to deliver all the presents. And Rudolph did just that. He saved Christmas! And, as the story goes, all the other reindeer loved him and he went down in history.

Like Rudolph, SeeUnity is special and has an ability that no other competitor has – our Core Integration Services (CIS.) Our CIS is what makes everything we do possible, just like Rudolph’s nose is what makes it possible for Santa to see through a foggy night. CIS allows SeeUnity to basically be system agnostic. Over the years we have added the capability of connecting with over 15 different business systems that range from ECM and DM, to CRM and ERP. We can further use this analogy to think of an organization or firm as Santa. Santa has a job to do and he uses his different reindeer (and elves, of course) to get the job done. (Goodness, could you think of the CRM he needs to keep all the children’s lists in order and whether they have been good or bad? Yikes! And what about the amount of internal collaboration needed for task management as well?) Anyway, large-scale operations, like Santa, have different business systems that they use to make sure the company’s day-to-day operations are successful.

Then comes the fog. Things like mergers and acquisitions, cloud technologies, file shares, mobile technologies, and needs to integrate systems all make up the fog of the ECM world. Businesses turn to SeeUnity and, our powerful CIS, to guide them through all the fog of ECM. Whatever the need may be, we can integrate your disparate ECM systems, or integrate your CRM with your ECM. We can also help you synchronize between your ECMs, CRM, cloud technologies, and file shares. If your employees want to go mobile, we can help make ECM content available to them through an app. Our app isn’t limited to viewing, and you are able to download and upload files right from a mobile device, like a tablet. In the deepest depths of the fog lives mergers and acquisitions. This provides the most challenging and complex situations for organizations. With our powerful CIS, we can connect to different ECM systems and migrate your content from ECM to ECM.

So what I am saying here is that SeeUnity is the Rudolph of the ECM world. Not in the sense that we are picked on and called names, but in the sense that we can show you the light, get your business systems to work together, and save your business from a catastrophic event (like ruining Christmas for everyone.)

Posted on: December 20, 2016