The Pets of SeeUnity

June 26, 2017

We have been busy this spring working on new developments, updates to products, and planning our “Migrating to…” series. With the arrival of summer, we thought we would take a moment to appreciate our furry friends at home! Even though they might not be trained at migrating, syncing, or integrating content, they sure make us happy and give us the extra boost to get it all done!


Breed: Dakota Sport Retriever (50% Golden Retriever, 50% Cocker Spaniel)

Favorite Toy: Flamingo Stuffed Animal

Fun Fact: He loves running through and attacking the sprinklers.






Breed: Pitbull-Beagle mix

Nickname: Mabes

Favorite Toy: Any stick she can find

Fun Fact: Her best friend is Hudson, Preston’s 1-year-old son!





Breed: Border Collie

Nickname: Munchkin (when he is behaving)

Favorite Toy: A bottle shaped squeaky toy that says “Doggie Beer” on the side

Fun Fact: His favorite thing in the world is going on car rides and herding cars as they pass by.






Breed: Funny looking, but cute (Labrador Retriever or Border Collie, German Shepherd Mix)

Nicknames: Moogs or Boogerhead

Favorite Toys: Sharkie (a rather large stuffed shark), and balls!

Fun Facts: Moogie does lots of tricks like, sit, stay, lay down, bow, cross paws, crawl, play dead, and go under things.




Breed: Pomchi (Pomeranian, Chihuahua mix)

Nickname: Vern

Favorite Toy: Ball

Fun Fact: He can sit, roll-over, shake hands, and fetch!







Breed: Border Collie

Nickname: Annie Oakley

Favorite Toy: Tug rope

Fun Fact: Her eyes are different colors!






Breed: Corgi

Fun Fact: She thinks she’s a cat. She lays on coffee tables, arm rests, and the back of the couch. Most dogs don’t do that.






Coco Chanel

Fun Fact: This is a horse.









Breed: Labrador Retriever (possibly a mix)

Nickname: The Pea or Princess Pea

Favorite Toy: Any of her soft “babies,” but she’s also an exceptional Frisbee dog!

Fun Fact: Peanut was adopted from a shelter when she was a year old. Since then, she splits her time between Utah and Colorado, and loves having as much outdoor fun as possible: running, biking, hiking, camping, swimming in lakes, and frolicking in the snow!




Breed: Brown Tabby

Nickname: Crazy pants, booger, baby, or kitty

Favorite Toys: Sticks with mice or lizards on the end, but mostly he likes to steal his mom’s hair ties and those keep him entertained for hours.

Fun Fact: He was named after a Chicago Cubs player like his daddy!






Breed: Siamese Mix

Nickname: Ms. Cleo or Jelly Bean

Favorite Toys: Sticks with strings and laser pointers.

Fun Fact: Cleo is a rescue who was taken to the Denver Humane Society at 5 weeks old. Goose and Cleo have an Instagram. Check it out here!






Breed: Sphynx

Nickname: Mr. Sweaters or DJ Sweaters

Favorite Toy: Sticks with strings and laser pointers.

Fun Fact: Goose wears sweaters sometimes to keep warm.







Posted on: June 26, 2017