Synchronize your ECM Content Directly into Dynamics

A CRM, like Dynamics, is an important business application for any organization. However, if your organization uses an ECM like iManage, frustrations come quickly when you need to find documentation that is directly related to a customer or client in Dynamics. Switching between applications can become cumbersome and often lead to user frustration and create duplicate documents. On top of that, eventually, you will want to archive any old documentation to your repository of record to remain in compliance with your IG initiatives. So, what can you do to make thing things easier for your users? Below are some ideas.

First, you can integrate your CRM and ECM systems together. The advantages here are that your users will spend less time bouncing between systems to find related documents, and you can save storage for other related documents. With the right integration, you can surface your ECM content within Dynamics to give users ease of access to documents that are related to the client or customer they are looking for. That way your content can live in a central repository, but allow users to access content directly from the Dynamics interface.

Another option you have is to synchronize your content between systems. This option is great for the use cases of needing the ability to archive old documents from Dynamics into your repository of record. This use case helps keep with most organizations IG initiatives and allow users to access content the way that makes the most sense to them.

SeeUnity offers solutions that can leverage your Dynamics and ECM systems in ways you haven’t done before. Our solutions will foster employee engagement, leave more time for billable hours, and save you money in the long term. Our Fusion Content Integration solution can surface your repository of record directly into Dynamics, and users will never have to leave the application to find related material. Our Echo Content Synchronization can publish, archive, or bi-directionally synchronize your content and help with all your IG plans. For more information about how we can help you leverage your investments, contact us at

Posted on: March 14, 2017