New Website!

We got a facelift! Well, not us, but our website did! Over the last year or so, we felt like our website wasn’t super easy to navigate and our valuable resources were hidden under layers of pages So, we decided to build something amazing, like us! Here are some changes we are excited to share with you.

1.     Knowledge Center

We are excited to have added a whole new section called the “knowledge center” where you can find our blogs, whitepapers, and events. All of these resources are aimed at ensuring our customers and interested parties have a constant stream of relevant knowledgeable content. Our blogs page also looks much cleaner than the last one. Our whitepapers, that we spend a lot of time on to give you the best information out there, are much easier to find and download. Our events page is also more easily accessible so you can see what we are up to, and what events we will have a presence at. If you want to get started in our Knowledge Center, may I suggest last month’s Dan’s Dev Corner?

2.     Success Stories

We have also added an additional section dedicated to our case studies called “Success Stories.” We wanted to put the success of other organizations front and center to better demonstrate what we do. We think these are some of our most valuable assets and we want you to have quick and easy access to them. Plus, now they look super awesome, seriously you should check out our latest case study: City of London Moves Systems to Better Support Records Management Practices.

3.     Improved Partners Page

Our partners are one of our biggest strengths, however, not many people know how large our ever-growing partner network is. In the “Partners” section, we added a map that can show you the locations of each of our partners. So, if you are visiting us from, let’s say, Australia, you can find someone nearby that resells and supports our products. We think this is a great tool to demonstrate how widely known, and used, our products are and how many organizations can help us help you. You know you want to look!

4.     Better Navigation

We have also made it easier for visitors to find what they need more quickly. When you visit the homepage, you will see that we have content for any organization interested in what we do, and we are highlighting specific industries right on the home page, for now, it’s focused on law firms. Then when you scroll down a bit, you will see that our solutions connect users with their content within CRM, DM and ECM, and file sharing and collaboration. If you click on any of those three, you will see who (like iManage, SharePoint, Salesforce, etc.) we connect with for each solution. If you click on a specific connector, like Salesforce, you will land on a beautiful page that explains how our products help organizations make the most of their content.

We could not be more thrilled about this new site! Let us know what you think!

Posted on: April 19, 2017