In honor of Labor Day: Our 8 favorite moments that people weren’t so productive

Labor day is upon us, and we are looking forward to a nice day off before the fall really kicks in. This American holiday pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and was deemed a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September each year. In honor of Labor Day, we are publishing a fun blog to help you relax and unwind before the long weekend. Here is a group of people that were not so great at contributing, and achieved nothing but did manage to become internet famous!

Construction Workers FinalSimilar to adapting ECM systems to meet your unique requirements, like information governance plans, these first guys really had to get creative! It doesn’t look all that comfortable, but I guess it is better than nothing! Give them a round of applause!

Pete FinalThis guy’s name is Pete. Pete was just not into the book he is reading. I really hope he isn’t a teacher, and this is the book he has assigned to students… Wait, is it a phonebook? Well, now this all makes sense! Phone books are completely obsolete! This reminds us how obsolete content in repositories can impede productivity. Kind of like sleeping on the job.

Under Desk FinalWe call this one the “Hide-and-Sleep.” I wonder who found him like this and how many times he’s done this. It takes a pro to execute this work! Bravo! This is a good reminder to not hide from your enterprise content problems! They always eventually surface themselves! And it is not always a pretty sight.

Desk Bed FInalThis one, we like to refer to as “sleeping here, don’t care.” She looks like she went to the gym on her lunch and had to take her post-workout nap right then and there. Somebody give that girl a protein bar! Similar to content flow, if it has not been optimized, you will have unproductivity hiding in plain sight.

Poor Guy FinalThere is a whole blog dedicated to this guy because he fell asleep on his second day on the job. You can really lose sleep over your information governance if you try to do it all by hand, and you could very well end up like this guy. His co-workers took the liberty of photo shopping this picture into other hilarious situations. You can see them here.

Honest Nap FinalThis next one is “the guy we all want to be our boss.” He is prepared, honest, and has a sense of humor. He is also demonstrating that communication and setting expectations is key. If you are going to migrate repositories, clearly outlining goals and communicating those goals is vital to a successful migration. Just like communication and setting expectations was successful in this guy achieving his lunch time nap. Great traits for a boss!  And if you’re going to sleep at work, you might as well go all-out and bring a sleeping bag and a lounge cot!

Everyone is sleepingWas someone training their users how to use a new system, or was there just something in the air? How often have we seen people nod off during important training? More than we would like to admit. Next time, be sure your training is worth sitting through and really try to increase buy-in! Whatever these guys were sitting through must have been super boring because I don’t see a single eye open!

My Favorite FinalThis is my all-time favorite. She went out of her way to find another chair so she could put her feet up during her snooze! Who needs a Lay-Z-Boy anyway? Doesn’t she just look super comfortable? This is a great reminder to bridge the gap between your ECM and other external systems for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

On that note, we hope you have a great Labor Day, and an even better day off! Maybe get some extra sleep, so you don’t end up all over the internet like these people. And be ready to do another year of contributing and achieving greatness!

Posted on: September 2, 2016