ILTACON 2016 Preview

Every year, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) holds an educational conference that focuses on technology within law firms and legal departments. SeeUnity attends each year due to the deep roots we have in legal.  A large focus on this year’s event is moving technology into the 21st century. ILTACON is jam-packed with various educational sessions, roundtables, and panel discussions. Not only that but you can also keep up with your yoga or golf game as part of the conference.

What to expect at ILTACON 2016?

First of all, we expect to have fun. Each year, ILTA has a theme for the opening night, and we have something planned that will keep you talking about us for weeks, months, and years to come! (Am I overplaying this? Maybe, but we promise there will be memories and mementos. Maybe even something you can take home and enjoy with your friends and family. You’ll just have to come and find out.) We are also excited to educate our current customers and any prospective customers that we meet. We would love to see you! You can choose either to stop by our booth and see what we are up to, or if you would prefer our undivided attention, schedule some time with us! Come chat with our CEO, Dan Anderson, and our Marketing Director, Lacey Walker!

We are also expecting to receive the 2016 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey during the event. Last week we posted a blog regarding the 2015 version of this survey, and we are anxious to find out the results from this year. As always, we expect cloud technology to be a hot topic, and we are looking forward to any new questions or categories. Office 365 is also expected to be another hot topic as we have seen the trend to Office 365 increase among our own customers.

If you’re still interested in attending ILTA, it isn’t too late! The conference runs from August 28th-September 1st and you can still register! If you are definitely going, please schedule some time with us and definitely come to booth #118 during the opening reception! Get your duck face, blue steel, and vogue face ready for a good time!

Posted on: August 9, 2016