How the iManage Buyout of HP WorkSite Will Impact Our Customers Using WorkSite


We were pleased to see the news that the iManage leadership team announced a successful and complete buyout from Hewlett-Packard (HP) on July 21, 2015. This buyout includes a full buyout of all software under the HP Autonomy WorkSite name. The iManage team appears to be going full steam ahead with plans for new features and innovation to its products. The industry has reacted highly positively to the news. Legal Technology noted at the end of their coverage of the news that it was, “…about time too.”

While the industry excitedly twitters about the buyout, I am sure many WorkSite customers are thinking, “What does this mean for me?” SeeUnity customers who are currently using WorkSite need not fear; we will continue supporting current forms of WorkSite. It appears that for the short term the largest change you will need to adjust to will be purely a branding change. Under the buyout WorkSite will become iManage Work. If customers are also using their secure file sharing, search, or records management products they should expect name changes too.

  • LinkSite becomes iManage Share
  • Universal Search becomes iManage Insight
  • WorkSite Records Manager becomes iManage Govern

As for the future, SeeUnity is excited to see what the iManage leadership team has in store. Their R&D project code named White Rabbit is aimed at meeting the needs of modern lawyers (specifically, the 40-60% of attorneys that are now under age 35) and modern legal document needs. Depending on the plans and direction that the leadership takes iManage, SeeUnity will look to deepen integration and extend support to new versions and features as they become available.

Our iManage SharePoint Integration will continue to help our customers make the most of their iManage data within their business processes by leveraging their SharePoint investment. We have also recently extended our iManage and WorkSite connectors to support integration with Salesforce and Dynamics. For customers who are excited to move to iManage, we offer the most comprehensive migration solution on the market. Our Migration solution can support moving to or from iManage, with connectors to OpenText eDOCS, OpenText Content Server, FileNet, Documentum, Alfresco, and SharePoint. Congratulations iManage! We look forward to supporting your software and customer needs that extend beyond the iManage software realm.


Posted on: July 24, 2015