February Dev Update

February 12, 2016

2016 is ramping up quickly and the Dev side of the house is busy working on new features, updates, and support for products. Below is an overview of our most important updates we are working on in February, or have recently released:

  • SharePoint 2016– With the upcoming release of SharePoint 2016 we are mindful that many of our customers will be looking to switch. We are currently in the process of evaluating SharePoint 2016 and the changes that will be necessary to implement in order for our software to to support the new release.
  • Salesforce Lightning– Salesforce is updating their UI with the Lightning Experience. This promises to improve the user experience, if you’re unfamiliar with the release you can see more here. We are in the process of updating our support for our Salesforce connector to include support for the Lightning Experience.
  • Link Converter– We recently released an updated version of our link converter feature for Vortex Content Migration. This updated feature ensures that documents containing links to other documents in your old enterprise content repository are converted and linked to the new location as they are migrated.
  • Custom Smart Forms– Many of our customers have complex forms and profiles customized to them to improve their ECM experience. However, while these types of forms are necessary and useful, they often contain upwards of 50 fields, a very intimidating experience for a user. We recently released our Custom Smart Forms that allow these forms to be configurable and smart, providing a tabbed experience that breaks down the form into smaller manageable chunks. After entering initial information in the form, fields that are dependent on information previously entered will dynamically populate as needed. We have found our customers saving time and confusion by only serving users the fields they need to complete the form instead of leading with a single form filled with an overwhelming amount of fields.

If you have questions about any of these updates please contact  your SeeUnity Support Representative.


Posted on: March 26, 2016