Dan’s Dev Corner – April

  • Optimization Analyzer
    • SeeUnity’s CIS has had a built-in performance trace capability from the very beginning.  We’ve used this when needed to identify and address performance bottlenecks.  We’ve recently upgraded this feature and have written a performance analyzer app to visualize what is usually a very large dataset, so our support team can identify potential bottlenecks much quicker.  With our new visualization capabilities, we added a similar built-in trace feature to our migration product so we can get similar metrics for migration actions: crawling, writing, custom scripts, metadata transformations, etc.  With this new tool we can immediately identify what time is being spent in what step, average times per document per step, and even pinpoint specific documents that take the most time.
  • iManage Work improvements
    • As we onboard more and more customers with iManage Work, the necessity for updates and improvements to our connector and modules becomes more apparent. We have a growing list of improvements and features that we have implemented or will be implementing. Some of the synchronization changes are:
      • Inherit metadata for a new iManage Work item from the parent folder.
      • Create a top-level iManage Work folder to correspond with a synced entity such as a HighQ site name.
      • Select multiple containers within one sync rule instead of just one container.
      • Display more end-point details in Echo Studio, including folder names and metadata.
      • Write custom entries to the iManage Work audit log for synchronization actions.
      • Support syncing to and from iManage Work folder links.

Posted on: April 25, 2016