SeeUnity Partner Spotlight - LOGICFORCE

The 2019 partnership with SeeUnity gave LOGICFORCE a new migration solution, offering a robust and more efficient tool to complete clients’ content migrations from legacy platforms to more modern systems like NetDocuments and the iManage Cloud. The Velocity Content Migration product (Velocity) has helped LOGICFORCE reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of migrating systems for their clients.

What is the history behind LOGICFORCE and in what areas does the company really shine?

We’ve been in the legal IT consulting business for over 25 years with hundreds of law firms across the country. LOGICFORCE was founded with the mission to help law firms achieve success through premier legal technology consulting, and we work closely with each client to ensure heightened security and improved productivity, resulting in a 5-8% average increase in billables during the first year.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services through our specialty divisions, including Technical Services, Digital Forensics, and eDiscovery, ensuring optimal ROI throughout our assessment and implementation process. We are proud to give all our clients a transparent, fixed rate with zero capital expenditure, allowing them to focus on developing their systems and eliminate cost uncertainty.

What’s on the roadmap for LOGICFORCE?

LOGICFORCE is based in Nashville and focuses on serving the Southeast and Midwest. We brought on six new IT clients in 2019, and will continue to strive for consistent, organic growth in the coming years.

How many content migrations have you completed thus far with SeeUnity’s Velocity product?

We have completed five Velocity migrations to date. Three firms required movement from File Shares to the iManage Cloud, one migrated from eDOCS to NetDocuments, and one client from SharePoint to iManage.

What are the most significant advantages you’ve seen by using the Velocity product?

Velocity has a deep set of features, including the capability for C# scripting.  We’re able to reuse those scripts, which saves a lot of time for future migrations. We can clean up and archive old data and transform content to work efficiently in the new system.  We’re able to address ‘the mess’ and handle the legacy data in order to minimally impact workspace design and create a client matter repository system.

Because we can go directly from the source system to the target system, we lose less time and are not tied to the system vendor’s schedules.  SeeUnity is also very responsive if we need additional capabilities  added to Velocity.

Migrations can be rough. The projects you’ve completed to date using Velocity have gone fairly smoothly.  Can you tell us how you built a reliable process around using the solution?

After tackling the first two successful migrations, we’ve honed the implementation process with various source systems and are continuously making improvements to best serve our clients and partners. Now that we have a solid understanding of timing and the critical items needed from the client and SeeUnity, we’ve built a project template to keep each migration on track. SeeUnity has been very responsive and helpful throughout each project, giving us the opportunity to create effective communication with all parties involved. Importantly, we have a full-time IT Project Manager to ensure each migration progresses smoothly, and to efficiently dictate deliverables, deadlines, and expectations for all.

How do you see the SeeUnity – LOGICFORCE partnership benefiting your clients?

Because the whole process is now streamlined and more predictable, we’re better able to estimate costs and timing. This allows us to be transparent with our clients and manage and exceed their expectations.

For more information about the SeeUnity – LOGICFORCE partnership, visit our Partners page. 
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