SeeUnity Partner Spotlight - Kira Systems

Kira Systems and SeeUnity recently formed a technology alliance to provide lawyers and practice managers a simple, automated, and secure way to pass NetDocuments content to Kira for deeper content understanding using machine learning insights.  Read about the integration in the press release here

How did Kira Systems come about and what is the company’s main mission?

Our mission is to enable enterprises to easily find and use trusted information and answers from their documents. Kira Systems was founded by former practicing lawyer Noah Waisberg and Dr. Alexander Hudek to find a better way to complete document review for M&A Due Diligence. Overtime, Kira has come to be used in virtually all practice areas of a law firm including real estate, banking and finance, contract management, and accounting use cases.

How has it evolved since the beginning?

Kira has grown from a bootstrapped start-up selling its AI solutions and now has a global presence with law firms, professional service firms, Fortune 1000 corporations, and financial services customers. While Kira Systems’ customers are representative of the largest law firms in the world, including 4 of the 5 firms in the UK’s Magic Circle, 5 of the 7 firms in Canada’s Seven Sisters and more than a third of the Am Law 100 firms including 5 of the US 10 Vault firms, Kira scales to any size organization who is seeking to understand the information contained in their documents. This has allowed Kira Systems to grow a strong presence in the Am Law 200 firms, the Global 50 law firms as well as other Professional Services firms and corporations including 2 of the big 4 accounting firms and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

What specific solutions do you specialize in and for which markets?

We specialize in Contract Analysis in the legal and corporate markets.

What’s on the roadmap for Kira Systems in the next few years?

To provide even further insight and unlock the data inside of all organization’s contract and document data. This includes building and improving integration capabilities, so that clients across a diverse set of use cases can extend the value of Kira’s contract analysis in a variety of workflows and in conjunction with a wide range of other partners in our ecosystem.

What are your predictions for 2020 as more organizations embrace AI and machine learning?

We will begin to see a continued emergence of AI solutions to help augment professionals and organizations to leverage their data, work efficiently and to make more informed decisions.

From your perspective how does the SeeUnity – Kira Systems partnership benefit joint customers?

The partnership with SeeUnity and Kira enables organizations to unlock the potential of their software solutions to gain greater efficiency, visibility, and insight into their organizations.

Our users have documents in many other systems, and often need easy ways of getting those documents in and out of Kira for processing. We are really excited to partner with SeeUnity because they can help build automations to get documents from those systems – wherever they are – and into Kira so we can do what we do best.

For more information about the SeeUnity – Kira Systems partnership, visit our Partners page. 
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