SeeUnity Partner Spotlight - Fireman & Company

Fireman & Company has been a reseller partner of SeeUnity’s for the last couple of years and supports several of our solutions. Recently, SeeUnity’s CEO Dan Anderson and Lisa Stone, Fireman’s Director Enterprise Content Management worked together on an article about successful cloud migrations. 

What is the background of your company? How was it started?

Fireman & Company was founded as a knowledge management (KM) focused consultancy. There had never been a KM-focused firm in legal, and we wanted to deliver the highest quality services at the intersection of the practice of business law.

How has it evolved since the beginning?

Our evolution has been driven by the legal market. We have focused on practices that are core to solving our clients’ business problems, such as enterprise content management (ECM), data management, experience management, enterprise search, intranets, and applied AI.

Our key differentiator is our deep knowledge of the practice of law, which drives our advisory services. Most of our team have worked in law firms as lawyers, CIOs, CKOs, analysts, and engineers; we take the user’s perspective in everything we do. We are the leaders in change management because we can answer the toughest question each lawyer asks: How should I practice today?

What’s on the roadmap for Fireman in the next few years?

Without question, data management is our fastest growing practice. It underpins every initiative we undertake and lets us work with our clients to build a powerful infrastructure that supports advanced analytics. We anticipate firms of all sized will be moving more of their stack to the cloud, including their document management system (DMS).

What types of services and systems does your firm specialize in?

We like to say that we don’t dabble, and our practice mix reflects that mantra. Everything we do is highly integrated, and each practice builds on the other. Our success is not measured by uptime; it’s measured on how well our clients use and adopt systems we deploy. Across our mix of practices, we interview almost 2000 lawyers and staff every year. This gives us a vastly unique perspective on the challenges users face and more importantly, an understanding of how to solve those pain points.

What is your unique approach to integrations and migrations?

Our approach to integrations and migrations begins with our commitment to support the practice of law with technology. We focus on integrating technologies within the law firm to enable a lawyer’s practice. We embrace decoupled enterprise architecture when designing integrations. This focus allows our integrations to be resilient within an ever-changing technology landscape, as well as low friction for upgrades and replacements. Our approach also puts the lawyers and staff at the center with change management and training baked in from day one.

What are your predictions for 2019-20 as more firms move to the cloud?

Several high-profile firms have announced significant cloud initiatives in 2019. We believe that this year will be the tipping point for the industry, as large firms show that security requirements can be met by their cloud providers.

2020 will be the year of cloud integration. This is when the exciting work of combining data, processing, and analytics into competitive business solutions will take off.

How long have you been a partner of SeeUnity’s?

2 years.

What do you want people to know about the SeeUnity/Fireman partnership?

The key to our partnership is a common vision for problem-solving. DMS migrations and implementations frequently require automation tools, and SeeUnity’s Velocity Content Migration is a robust, powerful tool that fits our approach to data migrations and solves complex challenges. SeeUnity’s software solutions for content access or content synchronization complement our services well and resolve the needs of our clients.

For more information about the SeeUnity/Fireman partnership, visit our Partners page.

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