SeeUnity Partner Spotlight - Doxly

Doxly is SeeUnity’s newest Integrated Reseller Partner. These partnerships help extend our technologies to better serve our customers.

How was your company started?

Doxly transforms the complex, chaotic process of managing legal transactions into a streamlined, efficient process. The idea for Doxly was born at 1 A.M. while Haley [Altman, CEO] and her colleague sat surrounded by hundreds of manila closing folders, hunting through thousands of pieces of paper for one missing signature page. A multi-million dollar closing scheduled for the next day hinged on that one page. In that moment, they realized there had to be a better way. In 2016, Haley left Ice Miller to start Doxly and transform the legal transaction management process.

How has it evolved since its beginning in 2016?

Since Doxly launched in 2016, we have had over 100 product releases. We work directly with our customers to collect feedback and incorporate that feedback into the Doxly platform. We always strive to enhance the customer experience, streamline attorneys’ workflows, and want to tackle more areas of the transaction process.

How is Doxly helping firms master the transaction process?

Doxly transforms legal transaction management by allowing legal teams and their clients to collaborate, manage, and accelerate every stage of the deal process. We leverage each law firm’s standard checklists to provide structured workflows with real-time insight. Doxly automates the most tedious parts of managing deals to enable attorneys to focus where their expertise matters most. With Doxly’s signature solution, signature blocks can be created once rather than hundreds of times, pages are formatted automatically for each signer, and signature packets are created and distributed without ever printing or scanning a single page. Doxly also tracks the status of every signature page and enables users to create the final record deal, the closing book, in minutes. Users are saving 60-80% of administrative time in the closing process.

What do the next few years look like for Doxly?

As we’ve established the underlying workflow of the transaction process, we will continue to add additional functionality that will further automate processes for dramatic time saving and efficiency improvement.

How is Doxly unique in providing an efficient transaction process for firms?

Doxly supports the entire transaction workflow. This enables Doxly to optimize for efficiency across the whole process, not a subset portion. In this way, Doxly enables a much larger reduction in time spent on activities, especially the low value-add activities. We also have a focus on legal tech adoption and best practices. We continuously study barriers to technology adoption in law firms and what most innovative firms and technology providers do to overcome these barriers. We believe Doxly must co-own this challenge with the law firm, so we focus on how to educate, support, and enable legal practitioners in their effective use of the system.

You recently integrated with iManage. Tell us about the project and how leveraging SeeUnity’s connectors benefited your customers.

Doxly and SeeUnity partnered to build an integration with all versions of iManage’s document management system. This secure connection enhances attorneys’ workflows by enabling legal teams to forgo document storage in the cloud. The integration provides a smooth transfer of documents between Doxly and iManage, provides the ability to browse and select iManage documents without leaving the Doxly application, ultimately enabling attorneys to keep iManage as their single source of truth. The Doxly system even identifies if documents have been successfully saved back to the iManage system, providing the security and control law firms need to ensure the preservation of their executed agreements.

What do you want people to know about your partnership with SeeUnity?

SeeUnity has been a long-standing iManage partner. Our partnership with them allows Doxly customers to have the benefits of a cloud technology with the security of an on-prem system.

For more information about the SeeUnity/Doxly partnership, visit our Partners page.

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