SeeUnity Now Supports Box

September 15, 2015

SeeUnity has now extended its support for Fusion Content Integration, Echo Content Synchronization, and Velocity Content Migration to include Box. Box is the largest file sharing application for enterprise clients, supporting over 47,000 businesses. It is being used across all industries for small and large Fortune 500 companies. With such an extensive reach we have found that many of SeeUnity’s current customers are looking to incorporate their Box content with their overarching document management plans.

SeeUnity specializes in enabling organizations to utilize multiple best-of-breed ECM and file sharing applications together through integration and synchronization solutions. This allows employees to continue using their provided methods of document management by keeping everything synchronized or displaying content together and providing either simplified or transparent processes for the end user. File sharing applications have long plagued organizations as they often don’t play into overarching document management or information governance plans. Due to the convenience factor provided by file shares many employees are using these applications and forcing companies to consider file shares such as Box within their document management and information governance plans. SeeUnity’s new Box connector helps organizations take control of their employees’ content stored in Box. The new connector for Box works in multiple ways, by either allowing for Box integration with other content displayed in the front-end application of choice (e.g. SharePoint), by synchronizing content added to Box accounts back to the repository of record, or by migrating content to or from Box.

SeeUnity’s Box connector will be available with the latest release of SeeUnity’s software. To find out more about how you can connect or synchronize your eDOCS, Content Server, SharePoint, iManage Work, Documentum, FileNet, or Alfresco content with Box please contact

Posted on: September 15, 2015