SeeUnity Announces Support for Microsoft OneDrive

Denver, CO – 03/29/2017 SeeUnity is pleased to announce they have extended their Echo Content Synchronization solution to support Microsoft OneDrive including, Echo’s User Sync feature is going to support OneDrive. Often used as a file sharing and storage tool, OneDrive helps users access content remotely. However, within most organizations that have a document management tool in place, there must be a solution for providing secure access to content remotely on disparate systems.

SeeUnity has been aware of the increasing demand from mobile workers to have easy access to content outside of the office. OneDrive being a trusted Microsoft application as well as included with most organization’s bundle, has been an easy choice to help mobilize worker’s content. In terms of law firms, we saw that there was an increase in demand for OneDrive, However, content wasn’t always being shared securely, or uploaded back to the DM. This process, when done, was manual and time-consuming, and content was spread across systems in an unorganized way.

SeeUnity helps solve the issue of secure collaboration and synchronization back to ECM or DM from OneDirve with their Echo Content Synchronization solution. This will allow users to access content from their DM or ECM, like eDOCS, work within OneDrive to interact with their content, then securely synchronize content back to its main repository. In this case, users will be empowered to set up their own rules to synchronize content from OneDrive back to their DM or ECM.

SeeUnity’s extensive set of connectors supports content connections between over 15 major ECM, CRM, and collaboration platforms, ensuring that natively managed content can be seamlessly connected to the systems in use, helping organizations enable users to securely work from home and synchronize content back to the repository of record.

Posted on: March 29, 2017