Migrating Content to Cloud

June 9, 2017

More than ever we have seen the shift of organizations moving their content from on-premise ECM systems to next-generation cloud systems. A couple weeks ago we had written about the cloud ECM marketplace, and how it is predicted to grow substantially over the next five years. This shift has come as ECM vendors like OpenText, iManage, and NetDocuments have expanded their cloud technologies for their well know ECM or DM solutions.

Whether you call it ECM or DM, the shift we are seeing is not bound to stop anytime soon. Recently in the news, we have read about more firms and organizations migrating over to cloud solutions.  For instance, just this week Calfee, Halter & Griswold announced their switch to NetDocuments. Today, we want to speak to how to make sure those migrations are a success. Here are three essential tips.

1.     Metadata, metadata, metadata!

When you are planning your migration from on-premise to cloud, it is essential to make sure your metadata will map accurately. On-premise systems allow for a wider range of acceptable metadata, as well as custom metadata. When you are migrating to a cloud solution, you often have to simplify your metadata to make sure your migration goes smoothly. This is especially true in cases where you are migrating from completely different systems (i.e. OpenText eDOCS to iManage.) While migration experts and the right solutions can help you with this, it is your responsibility to make sure your metadata is accurate and easily mapped.

2.     Clean up your data.

It only makes sense that you spend your time only migrating the data you need. The cloud offering might save you some money on space, but you also want to make sure you only purchase space that you need. Spend some time before your migration to clean out unwanted data.

3.     Make sure it can handle your needs.

We have seen organizations migrate to the cloud for the sake of being “on the cloud.” Don’t put yourself in a situation where you eliminate vital parts of your ECM and leave your users between a rock and a hard place. Integrations with your other systems are something to consider when you are planning your migration. However, integration isn’t always a deal-breaker. There are ways to re-integrate your systems with SeeUnity technology. Inquire above to find out more.


So, if you are planning to migrate to cloud systems like NetDocuments or iManage, consider these things first. Also, join us over the next couple of months for our “Migrating to…” webinar and whitepaper series. We are holding our Migrating to NetDocuments webinar June 29, 2017, at 1:00 PM MDT. You may register for that webinar now! For updates, follow us on Twitter with #MigratingToSeries.

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Posted on: June 9, 2017