Masters of Migration: Expert Panel – Examining the Answers

What can we learn by examining the questions?

Question 1. What were the key drivers for moving to a new system?

Overall key drivers are unique to each organization, so they range widely. However, our panelists answered the most common drivers for their industries and in their experience.


Overview of Gene DaVersa from Husch BlackWell’s answer – Acquiring a new firm with other document management system, consolidating libraries of different groups.

Overview of Peter Lieber from EIM International’s answer – Traditionally we saw the main drivers as mergers and acquisitions as well as large groups of employees entering or exiting an organization. More recently we have seen organizations hoping to add functionalities, and they are transitioning to one or many systems that can provide the additional functionalities.

Overview from Peter Lauter of LNW Consulting – The biggest current driver of migration for the Canadian federal government is upgrading from OpenText eDOCS to OpenText Content Server, the new standard for document management across the Canadian government.


In summary the Masters of Migration responded with the big three that we commonly see as motivators for migrating to a new system.

  1. Mergers and acquisitions of organizations with differing document management systems
  2. Implementing a new system or new systems to add necessary functionalities to the organization
  3. Large scale mandates where an entire organization, industry, or government standardizes on one technology, where previously a different one or a variety of different technologies existed

What is your motivator for migrating to a new system?

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Posted on: May 17, 2016