Improve Operational Efficiency and Compliance by Automating Systems Content Synchronization with Your DMS

Improve Operational Efficiency and Compliance by Automating Systems Content Synchronization with Your DMS

Echo Automate for Anaqua’s PATTSY WAVE® – Further Simplify IP Management

By SeeUnity’s CTO, Dan Hunsinger

Echo Automate is a recent addition to our well-established synchronization product, Echo Content Synchronization (Echo), that creates and manages a large number of individual sync rules automatically. It creates a separate Echo rule to manage an entity, which can be a site, a team, a project, and so on. Typically, Echo Automate discovers an entity requiring synchronization, then a target location is determined and prepped, and a rule is created and run to move content. Once the rule is created, it acts as a normal Echo rule that can be scheduled, run, and managed as usual. 

PATTSY WAVE® (Patent and Trademark Tracking System) is a robust automated docketing software designed to reduce the complexity of managing Intellectual Property (IP) with an innovative, single-screen design. It is used by hundreds of organizations around the globe including some of the largest patent and trademark filers in the world. Each patent or trademark record will typically be associated with a number of document and image attachments.

To streamline the IP management process, a requirement was identified to store and synchronize document attachments with commonly used Document Management Systems (DMS). Echo already has standard end points for iManage and NetDocuments, so we added a PATTSY WAVE end point to synchronize content between the systems.

In this case, it makes sense that each invention, patent, or other record type (the entity) would have its own rule to synchronize content with a specific DMS workspace location using standard sync rule capabilities built into Echo. Echo Automate finds new records in PATTSY, searches to find a target workspace based on client and matter meta-data, creates a target PATTSY folder, then creates the rule to synchronize the content. This process is a perfect example of being able to automatically synchronize content with a DMS for an entire IP system with no user involvement.

The interface to PATTSY is implemented as a robust REST API that provides read-write access to records and their associated attachments. To fully support efficient synchronization, it provides the ability to query and find only newly added documents or records so that entities with no updates can be ignored. 

This is just one use case showcasing the power of automating the synchronization of thousands of entities between systems to achieve optimal process efficiency, while keeping vital documents in the repository of record or DMS.

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