Dan’s Dev Corner – July 2017

Content Web Services and Options

We’ve developed a new Web Services component to support our multi-server and remote application deployments.  We’re calling it “Content Web Services” and the download can be found on the partner portal shortly.  This will eventually replace the “Web Services” component that’s been in use for several years.  We will continue to support “Web Services” indefinitely since it’s an integral part of many deployments.

One of the motivations for the new component is to build it on the latest Microsoft technologies including .NET 4.5 and WebApi2.  The IIS web site and application pool can be automatically created during installation and the install, in general, is modernized and consistent with other SeeUnity MSIs like Fusion, Echo, CIS, etc…

The remote server functionality of our Core Integration Services has been updated to support the new Content Web Services layer.  This more easily supports environments where CIS instances can be deployed where only http or https is used to communicate between them.  For example, Echo may be deployed on AWS while an on-premise CIS is installed to communicate with a local DMS system.

We’ve also upgraded both Echo and Velocity+ applications to support the new Content Web Services.  This is intended to support deployments where the CIS instances are remote from the applications that are used to operate and monitor them.  For example, a Velocity+ engine running on AWS can be monitored and controlled from the Studio, Resource, and Trace apps running on a local, on-premise computer.



Posted on: July 28, 2017