CEO Year End Reflections & 2020 Predictions

With 2019 nearly behind us, we caught up with Dan Anderson, SeeUnity CEO and Co-founder for his assessment of the past 12 months and his thoughts on what the future holds.

Sum up 2019 in terms of growth and where SeeUnity has added the most value to its customers and business partners.

We’re fortunate that it’s been a busy year, full of growth, evolution, and continued improvements to our products and processes. Our success is greatly tied to our Reseller and Technology partners who help us develop new innovative solutions and expand our reach to help support our customers. 2019 brought a 25% increase in partnerships, providing our customers with new and cutting-edge integration solutions. Our product offerings have been extended and we’ve added a number of significant enhancements in keeping pace with the increased demand for integrations and content migrations to the cloud.  We’ve added to our remarkable team in support of all of this positive growth. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a great year.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • – Added 12+ new Reseller and Technology partners including Doxly (Litera Microsystems), SimplyAgree, Kira, Keno Kozie, LogicForce, and more. Click here to see the list of all our new partners.
  • – Celebrated 100 joint customers with HighQ in June and we expect to be over 150 in early 2020.
  • – Successfully consolidated Saul Ewing’s iManage cloud databases – an industry first.
  • – Continued product innovation and updates including:
    •    – Echo 10.5.0 release: refined synchronization features, improved administrative control, enhanced reporting, support for CleanDocs, and integration with Amazon S3 and Azure Storage.  Visit our Customer & Partner portal to learn more.
    •    – Further development and enhancements for SeeUnity’s REST API
    •    – New Connectors: Amazon S3, Kira, SimplyAgree, Microsoft Azure, and many more
    •    – Velocity Content Migration: Optimized Velocity Content Migration to support iManage Cloud uplifts as an iManage Technology Partner with the Universal API Certification.

When things go wrong – how did SeeUnity deal with unexpected challenges in 2019?

We’re seeing a high demand for customers moving to cloud.  No two migration projects are exactly the same and each customer has their own unique mix of content, applications, and end goals in mind. Throw into the mix varying implementation partners and it becomes tricky to nail down every detail and avoid every pothole.

It’s expected that most migrations do not go perfectly and without hiccups.  However, as we’ve encountered challenges related to these migrations, we’ve had to improve our product, offer more in-depth training, adjust our Q&A processes, and step-up support for customers and partners.  In 2019 we hired more experts, improved documentation, and enhanced our product training by adding readily applicable information on migration best practices and proven methodologies.

Our goal is to continue fine tuning the entire process for the benefit of our all.  We strive to partner with implementation partners who are also aligned with this end goal.  As we continue to grow and see more opportunities, we recognize the importance of anticipating issues and proactively resolving them to meet customer expectations.

Share your predictions for 2020.  What will we see more of and why?

We’re all aware that the trend towards cloud-based applications will continue to increase as organizations seek to modernize their IT technologies.  The cloud offers scalability, reliability, and increased flexibility for those companies among other benefits.  We’ll continue to see content migrations to the cloud that entail cleaning up and archiving old data and data transformation that enables organizations to take full advantage of the new, more efficient cloud system.

This shift to the cloud has brought some significant changes to traditional software licensing and maintenance models that will continue to take shape as more organizations adopt cloud technologies. It gets a bit complex when the customer controls cloud-deployed applications.  Licensing will need to continue to morph as cloud technology matures.

The nature of the cloud enables applications to be deployed much faster and at a lower cost than ever before. As business needs evolve and change, organizations will be able to adjust their IT infrastructure quicker. We’re seeing a growing number of companies seeking to integrate all of their systems, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid set-up to improve workflows and remain efficient and nimble.

Looking forward to 2020, we’re planning to announce some exciting new partnerships that will bring even more contemporary solutions to market – helping our customers stay current and thrive.

Watch for our 2020 Q1 update with CTO and Co-founder Dan Hunsinger as he lays out new and innovative Office 365 integrations and other SeeUnity 2020 product initiatives.

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