12 Days of ECM Part 6

Day 11: Salesforce

On the eleventh day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, integration with Salesforce!

CRMs are super important to any business. They say that your most important asset is your customers. You want to make sure you have a CRM like Salesforce to keep in contact with customers and clients. Enabling integration between an ECM and CRM is also vital. In the example of a law firm, it makes sense to connect contract management content from an ECM to the particular client that it relates to. Unfortunately, Salesforce has storage limits and, in legal, the contracts that they manage are usually very large documents that are stored with client information. This is where ECM comes into play. If you can integrate Salesforce into an ECM, you have more storage flexibility for those large documents.

SeeUnity’s Fusion Content Integration enables just that. It can surface your CRM content into your ECM for quick and easy reference. Our Echo Content Synchronization will also help you synchronize data from Salesforce to your repository of record.

Day 12: Dynamics

On the twelfth day of ECM, my IT manager gave to me, integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Since we gave some love to Salesforce, we decided we’d do the same with Dynamics CRM. Dynamics is another CRM that enables business to have the best relationships with their customers and clients. Earlier this year, we wrote a blog with regard to Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 combined ERP and CRM into one cloud-based platform. It also provides built-in artificial intelligence to enable sales people to spend more time selling and less time filtering through data. Similar to Salesforce, being able to connect your Dynamics CRM data with your ECM system can help with storage flexibly.

With our Fusion Content Integration and Echo Content Synchronization solutions, we can empower you to get the best out of your CRM and ECM systems!

Thanks for reading our 12 Days of ECM blog series! Have a wonderful holiday season and we will be back with more blogs in the new year!

Posted on: December 19, 2016