10 Tips for GCDOCS Migration Part 2

So, you’re migrating from RDIMS to GCDOCS. And maybe you’re trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Last week we published 5 out of 10 tips for GCDOCS migrations. If you haven’t read those yet, check them out here. Now that you have let those soak in a bit, we can move on to the next five tips that will help you get through your RDIMS to GCDOCS migration successfully.

  1. Your new system should not look like your old one.

Even though you may feel like GCDOCS has been forced upon you, understand that any new system offers opportunities to do things differently – and better. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase user adoption and satisfaction among your organization. Migrations are not all doom and gloom! Make use of the silver lining.

  1. Your users are in charge.

If users aren’t won over in your transition from RDIMS to GCDOCS, the rollout will be significantly more challenging that it would be if they were on board. Proper planning involves user interviews. That way you can pinpoint specific use cases to better migrate the data. Also, secure a business process expert who can represent your power users. Buy-in is key!

  1. Your users are wrong.

While it is important to get user feedback about how the ECM is useful, don’t let a resistance to GCDOCS and to change misdirect how the new system should be used. Focus your efforts into user education and training to create advocates. Users will be right about what works, but they will be wrong that the new system is going to fail.

  1. The actual migration process will be disruptive.

During the actual migration, there will almost certainly be limitations placed on what users can do. Never fear! Proper planning can contain and minimize the scope and visibility of these disruptions. Be sure to test the migration a few times before going live, and configure migration schedules that will help alleviate that pain.

  1. Migrations are usually a one-way trip – plan accordingly.

It’s critical to do proper post-migration assessments before you decommission RDIMS and the File System. Select tools that help in the validation process and allow for synchronizing user changes.

We hope these tips help you with your migration fears. For more on each one of these tips, join our webinar on January 31st at 9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. Register Here!

Posted on: January 19, 2017