The 4 Critical Steps for a Successful ECM Migration – Best Practices

A mishandled migration can postpone or eliminate ROI, divert valuable resources from other IT priorities, and leave users frustrated and confused – in short, undermining the benefits of migration. A poorly managed migration can also result in data corruption, lost documents or lost versions of documents, missing metadata, and other problems with the content itself. In the worst-case scenarios, companies lose months of productivity and hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to abandon the project and return to the original source system which they wanted to leave in the first place.

What’s important to take away is that success is in the details of proper planning and adherence to best practices. While no one can guarantee success, a clear set of recommendations based on past experience can certainly increase your odds of a successful migration. SeeUnity has successfully managed numerous ECM migrations for companies large and small, making us masters of migration. Through our direct experiences, we have developed a set of best practices that can help organizations like yours improve your chances of a successful migration. Allow us to be your sensei and impart our wisdom to help you become a master of migration.

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